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EVBox Group Partners with Aetna to Expand EV Charging in Northeast


LIBERTYVILLE, ILL.—Electrical services and energy solutions provider Aetna Corp. and global electric vehicle charging solutions company EVBox Group announced a strategic partnership to help grow EV charging infrastructure in the United States, with a focus on New England and the Mid-Atlantic states—an area Aetna Corp. has served for more than 90 years. Aetna’s expertise in serving retail, hospitality and grocery establishments is expected to play a key role in delivering EV charging to drivers in the places they frequent most.

“There has never been a better time for businesses to invest in EV charging, and we are pleased we can now offer EVBox charging solutions to our customers,” says Chris Angelou, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aetna Corp. The electric vehicle industry is growing at a rate of 40 percent year-over-year. Favorable government policies and support through tax credits, utility rebates and incentives make it more affordable than ever. Companies can help accelerate society’s shift to a cleaner mobility future while also realizing business benefits, such as increased traffic and revenue.”

While Aetna Corp. has been offering EV charging services since 2017, it is adding EVBox Group to its offerings because of the company’s flexible and scalable approach and the fact that all EVBox products are Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) compliant. This allows Aetna Corp. to build customized charging options for its customers and ensure the hardware it sells is future-proof. EVBox Group’s wide range of AC and fast-charging DC hardware options means there is an EV charging solution for every need.

Meeting Nation’s Rising Demand

“Aetna Corp.’s expertise in retail and hospitality segments, together with its long history of serving the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions, has the potential to expand and deliver EV charging to tens of thousands more drivers each year. By prioritizing charging solutions with open standards, they are also giving business owners the confidence they need to meet the nation’s rising demand for accessible and readily available EV charging,” says Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO of EVBox Group.

Aetna Corp. believes retailers and hospitality companies that have already installed EV charging are enjoying the benefits of attracting new customers and as a result, increasing sales. EV charging also helps their customers establish sustainability leadership and stand out from their competition.

In addition to its regional focus, Aetna Corp. offers EV charging services at a national level through its network of installers and provides solutions beyond retail and hospitality for workplace, fleets, multi-family, and municipality sectors. The company will also support EVBox Group and its customers by serving as a Field Service partner, performing preventive and corrective maintenance on EVBox stations from Maine to Virginia.

Aetna Corp.’s extensive network of local technicians and energy services experts are available to help businesses plan for their EV futures so they can welcome more customers looking to charge up throughout their day. Companies can schedule a consultation by visiting the Aetna Corp. website. To learn more about EVBox charging solutions, visit www.EVBox.com.