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Crossville’s Retro Active 2.0 Earns Petal Certifications


CROSSVILLE, TENN.—Crossville Inc. has announced its newest tile collection, Retro Active 2.0, is a recipient of the prestigious Living Product Challenge Petal Certifications in three categories: place, water, and beauty. The Living Product Challenge is a recognition program of the International Living Future Institute. Crossville is the first tile company to be certified by the Living Product Challenge.

The Living Product Challenge is organized in seven performance areas, known as Petals, with each area consisting of detailed requirements. Retro Active 2.0 was recognized in the following:

  • Place Petal—2/2 for meeting requirements that included responsible place and habitat impacts;
  • Water Petal—1/1 for meeting requirements that included net positive for water; and
  • Beauty Petal—3/3 for meeting requirements that included beauty and spirit, inspiration and education, and positive hand printing.

About the Living Product Challenge Petal Certification

Using the Living Product Challenge framework, consumers can choose products that are healthy and free of toxins, know that manufacturers are socially responsible and respect the rights of workers, and are net positive and benefit both people and the environment. Manufacturers are choosing to certify their products as part of a commitment to a healthy world by following the highest standards of non-toxic responsible material selection and processing that produces net positive benefits for humans and the environment.

About the International Living Future Institute

The International Living Future Institute is a hub for visionary programs. ILFI offers global strategies for lasting sustainability, partnering with local communities to create grounded and relevant solutions, including green building and infrastructure solutions on scales ranging from single room renovations to neighborhoods or whole cities. ILFI administers the Living Building Challenge, the environment’s most rigorous and ambitious performance standard, as well as the Living Product Challenge and Living Community Challenge.