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County Draperies Branches Out into Masks


MIDDLETOWN, N.Y.—County Draperies, a leading manufacturer of custom window treatments and bedding for the hospitality industry, has for the past two months added a variety of personal protective masks to its production line. “Putting our skilled, New York-based staff and equipment to work for essential front line workers at hotels, restaurants, stores and other locations as well as for the general public is the right thing to do at a time when we all need to work together,” said David Markowitz, President and COO.

“Our newest style is the CD-PPEM-4-2 C Me Mask which has a clear, non-porous plastic window that allows the hard of hearing to see the wearer’s mouth so that they can more easily understand what’s being said,” reported Markowitz about this patent pending model. It also helps children see more of your face so it reduces fear and anxiety.

In addition to the choices of styles and fabric colors, masks can also be ordered with company logos so that the masks correspond with the worker’s uniform to identify them as authorized personnel (from facility maintenance crews to executives) and let your staff safely greet every guest, tenant or customer with a smile. Having your company, school or team-sanctioned logo on your mask is ideal to show commitment to safety and spirit. These washable and reusable masks are perfect as fashionable souvenirs for guests, student dress code attire, and sports facility/event wear. Volume discounts available (starting at 1,000 pc orders).

Standard masks can ship in 24 to 48 hours. Custom masks take a little more time. Learn more at www.cmemask.com or call us at 845-956-0643.