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Costa Rica’s Digital Footprint Is World Benchmark of Value-Added Sustainability


SAN JOSÉ, COSTA RICA—The international consulting firm Bloom Consulting recently conducted a comprehensive study analyzing millions of online searches. The results of the comprehensive investigation identified four key areas where Costa Rica leads as a global benchmark for value-added sustainability.

According to the study, Costa Rica ranks number one in the world for online searches related to ecotourism; third in the world and first in Latin America for national parks; fourth in the world and first in Latin America for surfing; fifth in the world and first in Latin America for diving; seventh in the world and second in Latin America for bird watching; and eighth in the world and third in Latin America for beaches.

The consulting firm also identified Costa Rica as a global reference for value-added issues related to environmental sustainability. According to the search analysis, the country takes first place in the world and Latin America for carbon neutrality; third in the world and first in Latin America for renewable energy; and 29th in the world and third in Latin America for the production of medical devices.

Effective Digital Footprint

“Costa Rica’s digital footprint reflects its robust online presence as a tourist destination, the result of the committed efforts by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) to promote the country on the international market. It is a digital footprint that not only reflects multiple and varied marketing strategies but also represents the quality of products and services that visitors encounter when they visit,” said Costa Rica’s Minister of Tourism, Gustavo J. Segura.

The study concluded that despite Costa Rica’s international attractiveness and stable growth indicators, work remains to improve the country’s investment and export sectors.

The analysis also verified the profound impact of COVID-19 on tourism and its moderate effects on investment and exports. As of March 2020, online searches related to tourism fell by 50 percent, while those related to investment and exports fell by 2.5 percent and 4.8 percent, respectively.

The last of the study results, which were presented as part of the Essential Costa Rica B2B Forum framework, demonstrate how the nation’s digital footprint is highly dependent on United States interests. Nearly half of all searches related to tourism, 30 percent related to investment, and 36 percent related to exports correspond to U.S. online browsers.

A Guide to Further Develop Promotional Strategies

Pedro Beirute Prada, President of the Essential Costa Rica Inter-Institutional Committee, announced that the study would serve as a guide to further develop the promotional strategies spearheaded by Costa Rica’s ICT and its Investment and Foreign Trader Promoter agencies, CINDE and PROCOMER. “The study not only highlights the great inter-institutional work carried out over the past eight years with the help of Essential Costa Rica, but it also allows us to sharpen the pencil that will chart our route to the future. The strategic international positioning of our sustainability, added value, and product diversity are areas we must continue to strengthen. Exports are a fundamental engine for our economic recovery. With the support of Essential Costa Rica, we will continue to promote the high quality of production that international markets recognize.”

CINDE CEO, Jorge Sequeira, added, “Costa Rica’s value proposition of people, planet, and prosperity has allowed us to position the country as an international benchmark in productive sustainability and create an FDI environment for global corporate investment strategies with purpose. It also allows us to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by becoming a laboratory for client-centric solutions where sustainability is an essential part of everything we do. Today, we have over 350 companies operating in the services, life sciences, and smart manufacturing sectors. Through these efforts, we will continue to achieve worldwide recognition while positively impacting the development of our nation and its inhabitants.”

The Bloom Consulting Firm added that Essential Costa Rica, CINDE, PROCOMER, and ICT are well positioned for their content creation and recommended that the four agencies continue to promote the unified nation brand strategy.

Additional Bloom Consulting recommendations included:

  • Costa Rica’s digital identity should be built upon the joint efforts of Essential Costa Rica institutions as well as public entities and local and international companies.
  • Deepen Costa Rica’s digital identity by developing a robust content strategy.
  • Content should be created in the specific language of the target audience.
  • All promotional activities, campaigns, and events should include the goal of building a digital legacy.
  • Special attention should not only be given to the “All” field in search engines but also to “Images” and “Videos.”