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Conscious Hotels Has Sustainability in Mind

Conscious Hotel Vondelpark

I recently came across a group of hotels that are a perfect fit for Green Lodging News: Conscious Hotels. In case you are not familiar with the properties, there are three located in Amsterdam and one more in The Netherlands slated to open in 2018. Details can be found on the company’s website but here is how the hotels are described: “Conscious Hotels strive to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. But they’re more hip than hippy. And by hip we don’t mean our staff are too cool to answer the phone. You might not even notice some of our ‘green’ sustainable decisions because we just quietly get on with being kind to the planet in the background. We think you’re okay about that. We offer you a few choices that might even make saving the planet fun (yes, fun, imagine that).”

“The Tire Station is a hotel that once was a Michelin Tire Station. It sources energy from wind and the hotel’s own underground aquifers. The organic restaurant is called MOER. There are solar panels on the green roof. The Conscious Hotel Vondelpark is Green Key Gold certified, tables in guestrooms are made from recycled coffee cup holders, and the “stone” counter in the bathroom is made from pressed paper. The Conscious Hotel Museum Square is also Green Key Gold certified. All the wood in the furniture comes from sustainable forest sources and hotel cleaning is carried out using an ‘Ionator’ which doesn’t use any chemicals. The Conscious Hotel Westerpark, set to open in 2018, will be the first hotel in The Netherlands powered solely by wind energy.

Be sure to check out the Conscious Hotels website for more details on this hip, green, kind of crazy group of hotels.