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Connecticut Company: Put Positive, Negative Ions to Work Against Coronavirus


FAIRFIELD, CONN.—In ensuring the safest, most sanitized space for your guests—the most protected from the New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)—ions are your best friend. So says Steve Levine and Tony Abate from AtmosAir Solutions. Their company’s technology has been proven to eliminate the Coronavirus, other viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens. Levine is President & CEO of the Fairfield, Conn.-based company and Abate is Chief Technology Officer.

At the core of AtmosAir systems is Bi Polar Ionization technology. Within an HVAC system or as a standalone unit, ionization tubes are placed. As airflow passes through the tubes, Bi Polar—positive and negative—ions are created that persist for up to 300 seconds. In the case of a virus such as the Coronavirus, the ions destroy the virus surface structure on a molecular level. As a result, the virus cannot infect, even if it enters the body. The ions also bond to dust and mold particles, break down germs and odors at their source, and break down toxic gasses.

There are three primary ways for the Coronavirus to spread—through person to person contact, by touching a surface that has the virus, and by breathing in microscopic droplets expelled by someone with the virus.

“The ions that we produce pack the occupied space,” Abate says. “They saturate the space and go anywhere the conditioned air will go. “Our system can continuously disinfect the air and surfaces. The system offers another layer of protection against the droplets.”

‘Active’ Form of Air Purification

Unlike a passive system that draws air in and then “filters” it, AtmosAir technology creates the ions once the air flows through the system. “It is an active form of air purification,” Abate says.

Ionization is nature’s air cleaning process. Whereas, unique environmental conditions contribute to ion concentration in excess of 5,000 ions/cm3 near waterfalls and high mountains, ion levels can be as low as 75 ions/cm3 in some indoor locations. Bi Polar Ionization restores ion levels.

Steve Levine

Because AtmosAir removes contaminants from the air, less makeup air is needed in a space—up to 50 percent less. According to Levine, HVAC system size can be reduced by 15 percent and energy consumption can be reduced by 30 percent. “If designed into a project at the outset, your HVAC system does not need to be quite as big,” Levine says. The life of HVAC equipment and filters can also be extended.

When asked what advances have been made to his company’s systems since the company was founded in 2007, Levine said, “Now we have incorporated sensors into the technology so you can measure the air quality on a real-time basis. We have also advanced the tubes so that they last 2 years—18,000 hours.” AtmosAware sensors measure different environmental conditions such as TVOC (total volatile organic compound), ozone, and relative humidity. The AtmosSmart logic-based controller interprets the data and automatically adjusts ion intensity to ensure optimal levels and air cleaning performance are maintained, 24/7.

An AtmosAir system is scalable, Levine adds—from a PTAC to a central air system. “We just did 140 hotel rooms in Tulsa. They are integrated into every hotel room in the fan coil unit.”

In addition to the direct physical public health, cost and energy savings benefits, bipolar ionization can be part of a wellness program. Levine says all of Hilton’s Five Feet to Fitness rooms will have AtmosAir purification. Some hotels are marketing rooms with AtmosAir systems as allergy and asthma proofed. In general, enhanced air quality has been proven to result in improved worker productivity, less sickness, and less missed work time.

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