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CM Hospitality Carpets Introduces New Collection, Transplant


DALTON, GA.—CM Hospitality, a hospitality carpet company, recently debuted a new collection, Transplant, at Boutique Design New York.

“Everyone is really connecting with this collection because they understand the mesmerizing spell that organic patterns have on the human psyche,” said Marketing Director, Lacy Price. “They comfort you, relax you and inspire you. It truly transplants you to the outer world. It’s been fun to watch people’s faces as they take in this new collection.”

CM Hospitality’s Transplant Collection consists of six 100 percent Solution Dyed Nylon, Colorpoint patterns. This collection includes rugs, public space, guestroom and corridor carpet. “The Transplant collection came to life as a result of the desire to bring nature into our living spaces in a more literal suggestion of the natural world,” said Design Director Justin Frye. “Western Society is seeing a resurgence in natural eating, natural living and places a higher sense of emotional and spiritual communion with nature than ever before. While concrete guides us from here to there and our manmade walls seem to close in tighter and tighter, nature provides us an emotional oasis…evoking the outside world to come inside, explore the benefits of restorative design, transplant your space and mind.”