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CLEANtracker Technology Gives Guests Room Cleanliness Confidence


MIAMI BEACH, FLA.—A psychological point demonstrated in most horror films, is that fear exacerbates distrust in others. Although the hotel industry is striving to implement stringent hygiene initiatives to protect guests, it is the diminished trust caused by fear of an invisible virus that is the final challenge hotels face in cementing guest confidence. Guests want certainty that their room is being precisely cleaned and sanitized every single time. To aid hotels in this challenge of the post-pandemic era, a Miami-based tech innovator, Creating Revolutions, has launched its groundbreaking CLEANtracker technology.

CLEANtracker is specifically designed to give hotel guests proof of the hotel’s cleanliness promises. This unique ‘Proof over Promise’ capability delivers a competitive edge for hoteliers struggling to navigate the uncertain times ahead.

In development for over four years, the disruptive technology runs on the multi-patented Touch & Discover Platform, and has been proven reliable in thousands of hotel rooms. It combines a custom-built AI code named ELROY, and the wireless data transfer technology known as NFC (Near Field Communication) used in tap-and-go services like Apple Pay and Android Pay. Together they grant operators reduced liability and guarantee of next level cleanliness. Most importantly, it delivers the peace of mind that guests want, with a first of its kind dynamic 5D visual proof on any guest’s smartphone.

Guests Want Certainty

“This pandemic is a real eye-opener for the hospitality industry,” says Einar Rosenberg, Founder, and CIO of Creating Revolutions. “All of a sudden, guest behaviors, priorities, and expectations have changed dramatically. Regardless of the enhanced new clean protocols in place, guests will remain apprehensive unless hotels can reassure them they are safe. They don’t want promises; they want certainty, and hotels have to respond quickly.”

Unlike current hotel cleaning processes, which focus almost entirely on the vigilance of housekeeping following protocols, CLEANtracker technology monitors employees in real-time, to make certain to guests that all management defined protocols and processes are followed precisely every single time. CLEANtracker accomplishes this with their AI ELROY, which uses advanced mathematics, NFC and human kinematics to identify if a job is being done correctly every single time and uses that data to continually learn and optimize employee efficiency as well.

Key value points of the system include:

  • No change in current employee processes, so no added workload.
  • One-step usage, which creates a near zero learning curve for employees.
  • Installation averages one minute per room and does not require power or infrastructure.
  • Affordable, on average just $0.25 per room per day.
  • Guest-facing dynamic 5D mobile piece designed to run on what the hotel offers today.

Rosenberg adds, “With the uneasiness around travel and fear of current and future viruses, hotels will have to go beyond saying they are doing everything they can to keep their properties safe—they will have to prove it. CLEANtracker offers the single greatest competitive advantage and opportunity for hotels to build trust and save their business.”

To learn more and see how CLEANtracker works, visit creatingrevolutions.com.