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CKI Solutions Transitions to Compostable Packaging for Mattress Encasements & More


WEST PALM BEACH, FLA.—Cadence Keen Innovations (d/b/a CKI Solutions), serving the hospitality industry, including cruise, for more than 20 years, is putting plastic packaging in the past and transitioning to compostable packaging for all its mattress and pillow encasements, bed doublers, as well as all other products using plastic or poly bags, including its Bed MadeEZ® Bed Maker.

“The transition has already begun and will be included in all new products as they come in from the factories,” says Rachel Montross, Senior Marketing Manager for CKI Solutions. “We are moving away from zippered plastic packaging to a much more ecofriendly, compostable alternative and will no longer be adding to the plastic stream. CKI intends to be as green as possible,” adding that CKI believes its customers will support a change to more eco-friendly choices.

CKI Solutions turned to Better Packaging Co. for its new packaging material. The company’s non-toxic, compostable range of products breaks down easily, and is made in a zero-waste facility. “We explored many types of packaging. While our packages will no longer have that attractive, shelf-ready look, CKI’s desire to be a good steward of the planet makes our packaging a great place to begin.” says Sam Montross, CEO of CKI Solutions.

“When I look at the number of plastic bags we will be taking out of circulation, I am filled with gratitude that the company was willing to make this significant transition,” Rachel Montross adds. CKI estimates that by the end of 2023 alone, it will have taken over 203,000 retail product packages out of circulation.

Hotel & Cruise Industries Will Benefit

The new compostable packaging from Better Packaging complements much of what CKI Solutions had already been doing through its product designs and development.  For example, CKI has been contributing to the green movement of sustainability through creating products that are built to last, and some of the products, like its mattress and pillow encasements are not only built for the rigorous use of hotels and cruise, but they keep mattresses and pillows out of landfills by giving them a much longer life.

“Two years ago, one hotel chain had disclosed to me that they were disposing of 400 pillows a month! Think about that and the impact on landfills. By using pillow encasements, a hotel or cruise line is not only giving their guests a cleaner sleep experience, but they are also keeping those pillows out of the landfill,” says Sam Montross.

“Better Packaging Co. is thrilled to become part of CKI Solutions’ ongoing sustainability journey, and excited about the potential to make positive impact in the areas of hotel and cruise line operations and the opportunities that will present for future collaboration,” says Cayetana Anchorena, Sales Account Manager for Better Packaging Co.

“Better Packaging Co.’s compostable packaging solutions will enable CKI Solutions and its customers to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels (required to make virgin plastic packaging) and minimize packaging waste,” Anchorena adds. “These bags are partly made from plants, a renewable resource, and certified to safely biodegrade into non-toxic (worm-friendly) elements under composting conditions.”

Better Packaging’s Commitment to Certification

Better Packaging’s compost range meets several stringent tests for compostability, including the Australasian Standard, AS5810. Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) Certification guarantees the origin and traceability of the plastic pollution that is collected and recycled. It is plastic waste defined as “at risk of ending up in the ocean”. OBP is estimated to generate 80 percent of plastic marine litter. The Global Recycled Standard is a voluntary product standard for tracking and verifying the content of recycled materials in a final product. The Environment Management System of Better Packaging’s suppliers for design, manufacture and sales has been assessed and registered against the provisions of ISO14001:2015.