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CKI Solutions Expands into Mattress Removal, Recycling

Pile of old mattresses in country dump, Florida

WEST PALM BEACH, FLA.—CKI Solutions has joined forces with a well-established and seasoned mattress recycler under the brand name GreenSource Mattress Removal and Recycling. CKI, in its continual “Green” effort, now offers this vital service to the Cruise, Hospitality, and Healthcare industries. Contracts have ranged from MGM Resorts, Las Vegas Sands, Boyd Gaming Hotel & Casinos, Wynn Resorts, as well as multiple ships for both Holland America and American Cruise Lines.

When it’s time to dispose of old mattresses and box springs, the landfill is no longer the answer. The amount of space a mattress takes up in the landfill is a significant problem. So much so, that many landfills will not even accept mattresses or box springs. Each year there are anywhere between 10 million and 40 million mattresses and box springs disposed of improperly. A typical mattress is a 23 cubic foot assembly of steel, wood, cotton and polyurethane foam. With such a wide range of materials, mattresses are typically difficult to recycle.

Over 90 percent of a mattress and box spring can be recycled. One recycled mattress can save 65lbs of toxic material from entering landfills. The recycling of 10,000 mattresses equates to approximately 125 tons of steel, 20 tons of wood and 15 tons of foam. Recycling this material saves 239 tons of CO2, which is the equivalent to planting 373 trees.

GreenSource Mattress Removal and Recycling’s low cost service picks up the old mattresses and box springs at the customer’s location, and delivers them to a certified recycling plant in one of the 48 states.