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CIRQ+ Expands Unified System Capabilities


SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.—CIRQ+ has expanded its unified system capabilities to deliver an advanced Smart Technology Platform.

CIRQ+ is the only patented modular Smart Device in the hospitality industry. The award-winning and future-proof platform has been engineered to enhance guest experience, improve hotel efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs.

“With our ultra-modern design, the first multimodal interfaces and voice combinations, CIRQ+ has now elevated the standard for Smart Room controls by continuing to consolidate numerous products into a unified IoT solution that sets itself apart from the competition,” said Yani Deros, CEO and co-founder of CIRQ+. “Hotels striving to catch up and keep pace with changing guest technology now have an even more powerful  solution to modernize their rooms without extensive remodeling or room down time.”

The platform’s multimodal interfaces and voice control innovations provide guests enhanced access to in-room controls, as well as easy access to hotel services, information and amenities delivering an exceptional and memorable hotel experience.

App Available to Guests

High-tech meets high touch with the integration of a round, HD display and touchscreen interface that delivers guests comfort, convenience and connectivity at their fingertips. Guests can also download an app on their mobile device to stay connected on or off property.

CIRQ+ has partnered with Volara to offer Modular Voice Platforms ranging from Alexa, Google and other leading providers to align with hotel properties and brand standards. CIRQ+ also has a patent- pending interface offering a unique opt-in method that provides an unprecedented way to protect guests’ security and privacy in the hotel room. This innovation finally addresses the industry’s concern about protecting guests’ security and privacy that has been building since the introduction of voice into hotel rooms. Guests will now have a choice and so will hotels.

“We are excited to partner with Volara, the industry leader for enterprise voice integration into hospitality,” Deros said. “Their leading architecture and software capabilities assure that guests’ conversations are not associated with their personally identifiable information. This combined with our patent-pending Opt-In platform capabilities will provide guests confidence that their hotel experience will be on their terms and not the technology’s.”

The multimodal innovation that combines HD touch, voice and mobile app allows guests to create an ideal room environment including temperature, lighting and TV controls, as well as stream content from their mobile devices. Additionally, guests can quickly learn more about the hotel and its amenities and then contact the hotel front desk, book spa services; request housekeeping; call the valet; locate local entertainment; set a wakeup call; check-out, and more—all from the CIRQ+ platform.

Autonomous Energy Management System

CIRQ+’s core offering is an integrated state-of-the art autonomous energy management system that allows hoteliers to adjust temperatures, lighting and environmental settings when rooms are unoccupied, and return them to the guests’ last settings upon their return. “Unlike other systems in the market that are cobbled together to claim energy management, CIRQ+ is the only one to offer a complete solution,” said Deros. Hotels can reduce energy consumption to 20 to 50 percent (depending on the property and location) and reduce property operating costs to finally gain control of their bottom line.

CIRQ+ offers different tiers of secure back-end system interfaces allowing properties to track, monitor, create reports, and adjust room settings to optimize their ROI (depending on the tier selected.) The CIRQ+ technology is scalable with any hotel property, whether an independent, a management company or a brand.

Modularity allows hotels to swap out components as newer technology becomes available keeping the CIRQ+ system state-of-the-art through the years. The platform can be easily installed in less than an hour—no downtime or no need to run wires or tear out walls allowing hotels to instantly transform any guestroom into a smart room for smart guests. This will lead to smart operations for the properties that embrace the platform.

“Hotels searching for a solution and striving to make changes to their infrastructure, together with the CIRQ+ team that has a commitment to innovation, will change the future of energy consumption and guest engagement in the world of hospitality. That is our pledge.”