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Chicago Faucets Joins Handwashing Leadership Forum


DES PLAINES, ILL.—Chicago Faucets, a leading manufacturer of commercial faucets, has accepted an invitation from The Handwashing Leadership Forum, an alliance of advocates who are invited to join based on their demonstrated leadership and commitment to lowering the risks of nosocomial and foodborne illnesses.

“This is an important initiative for Chicago Faucets,” said Richard Nortier, Director of Marketing, “and accepting it emphasizes a philosophy that is at the core of our company: the safe delivery of water.”

Jim Mann, Executive Director for the Handwashing For Life Institute, the organization behind The Handwashing Leadership Forum, points out that members agree that by thinking and working together, they can replace risk with integrated solutions. “Our intent is to fill the gaps in the science of hand hygiene and the cleanliness of high-touch surfaces,” Mann says. “Chicago Faucets earned the invitation by a combination of innovation and customer satisfaction. We are honored to have them with us.”

Mann’s organization, The Handwashing for Life Institute, has been forging the way in the healthcare and foodservice industries for many years. By advancing science and technologies that promote, educate and improve hand and high-touch surface hygiene practices, Mann strives to reduce infections and foodborne illness outbreaks caused by poor handwashing.

“Like Mann’s organization, Chicago Faucets tries to see beyond individual products to change behaviors,” Nortier explains. “Faucets and hands actually go (no pun intended) hand in hand and cleaner hands promote wellness, protecting not only the individual, but our brand values. It’s a win-win.”