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CASPR Group Rebrands as CASPR Technologies


DALLAS—Environmental health technology company CASPR Group announced its new name is CASPR Technologies. The updated branding will launch initially on the company’s new website CASPRtech.com and will continue to roll out onto products and company materials through the coming year.

CASPR—which stands for Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction—uses proprietary Natural Catalytic Conversion (NCC) technology to provide healthier indoor air and surface environments across industries including healthcare, education, transportation, and commercial real estate. The brand change better reflects the company’s technology solutions.

“Let’s be clear about what type of company we are and the solutions CASPR provides,” said Co-Founder and Executive Chairwoman Gail Warrior. “We’ve always been an indoor environmental tech company with innovative solutions for healthcare, education, and commercial real estate. Showcasing technology in the company name aligns better with CASPR Technologies’ business value proposition for customers and distributors.”

CASPR differs from other air purification technologies on the market in two important ways: First, the technology acts continuously, as opposed to a filter, which episodically cleans the air; and second, it also protects surfaces from harmful bacteria and viruses. In fact, CASPR’s revolutionary technology is the only continuous intervention that delivers effective oxidizing molecules to all surfaces including walls and floors reducing bioburdens 24/7.

“When forming the company, there were business reasons to include ‘Group’ in the name,” said CASPR CTO and inventor Dr. Christophe Suchy. “Since the advent of COVID-19, the world’s conversation and interest level around pathogen concerns has evolved. CASPR’s technology needs to be front and center as we provide the best solution for healthier indoor air and surfaces.”