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Cascades, Green Seal Celebrate 10-Year Milestone


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Cascades Tissue Group and Green Seal are celebrating the 10th anniversary of a partnership ensuring the responsible manufacturing of environmentally preferable products.

Following a practice that began over 50 years ago, and long before sustainable development become fashionable, Cascades has made a concerted effort to introduce innovative products that offer enhanced environmental and hygienic value. The company’s green efforts are reflected not only in the composition of its products, but in its production methods. It recycles and reuses every drop of water between 10 and 40 times, and has reduced its energy consumption by 7 percent since 2010. Over the last decade, Green Seal’s highly regarded certification has been an important part of that process.

“Because we put so much concern into how we manufacture our environmentally preferable products, it was natural to associate our company with the most recognized certification in North America,” said Jean Jobin, President of Cascades Tissue Group. “With Green Seal, we offer the proof that our products meet the highest environmental standards in the industry.”

Cascades Tissue Group’s more than 100 Green Seal-certified products puts Cascades in the position of having one of the largest and broadest offerings of Green Seal-certified products in North America. The company’s certified 100 percent recycled sanitary products include: CASCADES ELITE, NORTH RIVER, DECOR, and CASCADES branded products. Recent products to receive the Green Seal certification include Cascades 1050-foot roll towels for the TANDEM+  Dispensing System and the Cascades MOKA line of beige-colored bath and facial tissue.

“Achieving Green Seal’s rigorous certification for any product demonstrates a concern for the environment,” said Arthur Weissman, Ph.D., President and CEO of Green Seal. “But to do so over 10 years for over 100 products represents a genuine commitment on the part of the company to make the world more sustainable. Green Seal looks forward to continuing its partnership with Cascades in the coming years.”

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