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Carrier’s Updated Mobile App Makes Chiller Selection Easier, Faster


CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Carrier has added a host of new capabilities to its Carrier Chillers mobile app allowing consulting and facilities engineers to select chillers faster and easier. Using cloud technology, the app automatically updates and in just three steps users can obtain key technical data and product features for Carrier air-cooled and water-cooled chillers.

“Capitalizing on recent advancements in technology, we have improved the functionality of the Carrier Chillers mobile app making it simpler for our customers to select the chiller they need with real-time accuracy,” said Chris Opie, Vice President, Product Marketing & Platform Strategy. “The updated technology can also reduce search and results delivery time, which makes using it an even better experience.”

The Carrier Chiller app allows HVAC system and design engineers to input the required capacity along with a chiller and compression type then receive key technical data and product features for the units that meet those specific requirements. By entering their zip code from any screen, users can also connect with a local Carrier expert to obtain further information and sales support. This updated app also provides the ability to find and contact your local sales office from any screen.

Streaming Product Videos

Additional chiller details include: streaming product videos; links to product pages on the company’s website; a link to information regarding the U.S. government-sponsored GSA Proving Ground Study 031 that compared efficiencies of various chiller types; and links to Replacement Components and Carrier Rentals information and locations.

Information on the expanded Carrier chiller offering:

  • 30RAP, 30RB, 30XA and 30XV air-cooled products;
  • 30HX, 30MP, 30XW packaged water-cooled products;
  • 19DV, 19XR, 23XRV applied water-cooled products; and
  • 09AZ, 09DP, 38APD, 38APS air-cooled condenser products.

This app, as all Carrier apps, is free and available for download to internet-connected Apple and Android devices at carrier.com/commercial. For more information, visit carrier.com/commercial.