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Carnegie Introduces X-Protect Barrier Backing for Xorel Textiles


NEW YORK—Carnegie, a manufacturer of textiles, has introduced X-Protect Barrier Backing for its Xorel line of textiles. Technologically advanced, environmentally sound and inherently anti-microbial, Xorel has been widely trusted as a problem solving material by architects and designers since its introduction in 1981. This new protective backing is engineered specifically for Xorel fabrics to protect and prevent stains and other substances from reaching the foam, thereby increasing cushion protection and enhancing Xorel’s performance attributes.

This new protective barrier can be applied to any Xorel fabric approved for upholstery use and meets ASTM resistance to blood and blood-born pathogens penetration. It is easily cleanable with hospital-grade one-step disinfectant cleaners and its application in no way changes the appearance, texture, or quality of Xorel textiles.

In addition, adding X-Protect Barrier Backing blocks the passage of dust mites and microscopic allergenic matter and promotes ease of upholstering and sewing by increasing the material’s resistance to seam slippage.

“Xorel has long been one of our most popular textiles,” says Heather Bush, executive vice president of design for Carnegie. “We are thrilled to be able to improve on its performance capabilities without compromising any of its undeniable strengths.”

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