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Caribbean Island of Nevis Aims to Lead the Way in Sustainability


CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS—The Nevis Tourism Authority is spearheading a new Sustainability Project in an effort to make Nevis an eco-friendlier destination and reinforce its commitment to the environment through partnerships and local efforts. The project encompasses the development of Sustainable Nevis, a group dedicated to engaging the island to be proactive in how citizens and residents manage their waste and choose to reduce, reuse, and recycle, with the goal of eliminating single-use plastics.

The Sustainable Nevis group, comprised of the Nevis Tourism Authority, various environmental groups and agencies on-island as well as key stakeholders, have launched a campaign that encourages locals to recycle plastics at a newly designated site. With the slogan, “Let’s Do Something Drastic to Reduce Single-Use Plastic,” the campaign will feature a newly designed logo and implement fun and educational initiatives. In collaboration with the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Solid Waste Management Corp., Sustainable Nevis is also working to investigate and inspect the recycling systems in Nevis.

“The Nevis Tourism Authority is eager to join the fight in making the Caribbean a more sustainable region,” said Chief Executive Officer, Jadine Yarde. “We hope to inspire both locals and visitors to adapt to the necessary changes toward creating a more environmentally-conscious Nevis to ensure future generations can enjoy our island’s unspoiled beauty.”

The Sustainable Nevis group will also hold a competition to encourage local Nevisians to embrace sustainability, in which the winning parish will hold the title as the “Most Sustainable Parish” on the island. Local businesses will also be highlighted and celebrated in their efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

A Phased Approach

The project will be carried out in a phased approach, in which phase one will highlight sorting and collection. The Sustainable Nevis group will also educate the public about waste and how to properly reduce, reuse, and recycle in addition to upcycling.

Phase two includes establishing more efficient ways of managing waste in the hopes of creating a recycling plant on-island. The “Let’s Do Something Drastic to Reduce Single-Use Plastic” campaign will illustrate best sustainability practices with the goal of inspiring Nevisians to implement these initiatives in their everyday lives, with the goal of eliminating single-use plastics. Locals, residents, and visitors are also encouraged to use the #SustainableNevis hashtag to promote their contributions to making the destination a more environmentally friendly place.

The 2021 Sustainable Travel Report from Booking.com states that 61 percent of travelers think sustainable travel is vital, with 46 percent saying the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably in the future; Nevis’ Sustainability Project will cater to this growing travel trend while aiming to reduce its environmental footprint. Sustainability awareness among consumers isn’t limited to environmental impact alone, but also encompasses important socio-economic considerations with respect to local communities where travel takes place, with recycling, avoiding single-use plastic, and reducing food waste being the top priorities.

The announcement of the Nevis Sustainability Project comes after the launch of the destination’s “Around the Garden” tour, which offers visitors a fascinating window into the cultivation, as well as the nutritional aspects of the various fruits grown on the five-acre fruit farm, Cades Bay. The attraction showcases another distinct aspect of the destination, one that appeals to the growing culinary tourism market. This initiative also promotes local agriculture and positions Nevis as a destination focused on long-term food security and the destination’s commitment to sustainability.