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Canary Wharf Group Sets Out 2030 Vision


LONDON—As Canary Wharf Group marks 30 years, it looks forward to its next 30 years of evolution. As part of this evolution Canary Wharf Group has set out its 2030 vision in its 2017 sustainability report: “Making Sustainability Real.”

“In an uncertain world that faces substantial economic, environmental, social and political challenges, we are confident that our vision and approach will enable us to be both successful and sustainable,” says Sir George Iacobescu CBE, Chief Executive and Chairman of Canary Wharf Group plc. “We look forward to the next 30 years of our evolution.”

In the report, Canary Wharf Group unveils an ambitious plan to ensure sustainability continues to be at its heart. The new strategy is formed around four pillars:

  1. Evolve: Placemaking has always been central to Canary Wharf Group’s vision and the Group is focused on creating intelligent, versatile and connected places of the future where people enjoy living, working and relaxing.
  2. Include: Since 1987 the Group has sought to create not just a new city district, but a community, and today it remains focused on ensuring that the area—and everyone around it—thrives both socially and economically.
  3. Pioneer: Canary Wharf has always been a center for innovation and regeneration, at the forefront of economic and technological change. Today, it is home to some of the United Kingdom’s leading technology companies, helping to facilitate collaboration and innovation.
  4. Optimize: Canary Wharf’s unique operating model, combined with its close relationships with tenants and suppliers, means that from design to completion and ongoing management, it can create zero-carbon, zero-waste spaces.

The report also highlights the great progress Canary Wharf has made since it took on the challenge of transforming the former East London docklands into one of the most important and vibrant financial centers in the world, including generating £1.59bn for local small, medium and micro enterprises over the past 30 years and achieving five consecutive years of powering the entire estate’s electricity from renewable sources.

Highlights for 2017 Include:

  • £1.59 billion of business generated for local SMMEs since 1997;
  • 41 percent of Group spending was on local companies in 2017;
  • £17.5 million total investment in community engagement projects since 2009;
  • 100 percent of CWG electricity (450 million kwh) from renewable sources since 2012;
  • 10.7 percent reduction in energy use since 2016; and
  • 450,000 coffee cups recycled in 2017.

The independently assured report has been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards: Core Option.