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Buoy Bottle Made From 100 Percent Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic


LOS ANGELES—Buoy, LLC, a Los Angeles-based company, is planning to unveil the Buoy Water Bottle, the first design of its foodware series made from 100 percent recycled ocean-bound plastic. Buoy is on a mission to replace single-use products made from virgin materials with modern-design and highly functional reusable products made from recycled material.

Kickstarter Preview Page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/buoybottle/2092386766?ref=2sfotf&token=138263ec
Product pitch video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hy90yhpjK7MFXvQlIpqln_t9Xjr9UN0V/view?usp=sharing

The Buoy Bottle helps to save the oceans and the precious marine life within them.

  • Designed by Award-winning architect and industrial designer.
  • Unique 3-part design—Bottle, cup, and finger loop. Easy to clean, carry and add ice.
  • 27oz/820ml. Buoy is a full-size bottle but super lightweight at only 250g.
  • Made from 100 percent ocean-bound plastic recovered from coastal regions with little or no waste management.
  • 100 percent recyclable either in your recycling box at home or using the Buoy Bottle recycling scheme—send old/broken bottles to receive a discount on your next purchase and Buoy will recycle them into new bottles.
  • 100 percent Made in the USA instead of a factory overseas, additionally reducing the carbon footprint.
  • A percentage of the purchase price goes to local and global NGOs.

Why Buoy Bottle                                                                  

The world is drowning in plastic. An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans every year. Five giant plastic islands are floating in our oceans with a devastating impact on all life-forms. Single-use beverage-containers represent 33 percent of all ocean litter.

Existing Reusable Products are Part of the Problem

With a sale of 105 million reusable water bottles per year (and growing), in the USA alone, an estimated 30 million of those bottles go into landfill every year.

None of those bottles will ever be recycled:

  • Steel bottles are not crushable and therefore not recycled in the regular curbside recycling stream.
  • Most plastic bottles are made with plastic that is not recyclable.

Product misconception and lack of waste-management over the last decades are responsible for the alarming situation.                                     

Buoy replaces single-use products made from virgin materials with FDA-certified, food-grade plastic, BPA-free reusable products made from recycled ocean-bound-plastic in a circular economy.

Intercepted before it (re-)enters the ocean, ocean-bound plastic is made from recycled plastic recovered from coastal regions, communities, rivers and beaches that lack proper waste management.

Development Stage: Product is developed, thoroughly tested, and ready for production.

Pre-Orders: Company started collecting pre-orders on Kickstarter on September 29, with expected shipment date of early 2021.