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Buffalo Niagara Marriott Introduces PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms


BUFFALO, N.Y.—In response to customer requests, the Buffalo Niagara Marriott is adding PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms for their guests who suffer from asthma and allergy conditions, or who simply want the most comfortable stay possible. The PURE program provides guests an environment where every surface is treated to minimize contaminants, irritants and odors.

“We are excited to be the first full-service hotel in western New York to offer our guests PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms,” says Dick Schroen, general manager at the Buffalo Niagara Marriott. “It is also great to be working with Buffalo-based PURE Solutions, the leader in the industry for allergy friendly rooms.”

“It was very encouraging to see the enthusiasm from the hotel staff during training,” says Thomas Pickles, director of operations for PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms. “They couldn’t believe the difference when they stepped into the PURE room. They described it as “crisp and fresh.” It is most rewarding when the hotel recognizes the value in providing this option to their guests. It tells a lot about the hotel when they take a proactive approach to their guests’ needs.”

For more information, go to PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms.