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Brush & Clean Enters North American Market


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.—Brush & Clean, a manufacturer of dry carpet and flooring cleaning systems, chemicals and accessories for leading environmental service companies worldwide, announced it has now expanded into North America, with the opening of its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and distribution facility in Pennsylvania. A renowned company in European, South American and Asian markets, Brush and Clean has been in business for more than 20 years and today operates in more than 35 countries.

Brush and Clean’s secret dry carpet cleaning formula, “Brush & Clean Dry Carpet Cleaning,” includes safe and effective nontoxic cleaning agents and is 98 percent organic. The heart of the cleaning system is Brush & Clean’s dry cleaning compound, consisting of renewable natural materials that are free of phosphates, pH-neutral, contain biodegradable active agents and a pleasant fresh fragrance. Brush and Clean manufacturers EPA DFE equivalent, low-moisture dry carpet and tile flooring cleaning systems.

“With the concerns today about everybody’s health and environmental issues, Brush & Clean is dedicated to bringing you easier working conditions, dryer carpets in your facilities, offices and homes—lowering health risks and significantly lowering costs due to being able to clean faster, dryer and more efficient than all wet extraction carpet cleaners and vacuums on the market today,” said Richard Bertossa, vice president of Brush & Clean.

Equipment Uses No Motorized Vacuums

Brush & Clean’s equipment uses no motorized vacuums and is designed to be lighter than all available systems on the market today. By its patented smaller size, it requires less manpower to operate, lift and store and doesn’t make the noise of most cleaners today—allowing service personnel the ability to clean the flooring without disturbing visitors, patrons or office workers in the area that requires treatment. Areas that most often need cleaning do not need to be closed to traffic.

Unlike most carpet cleaning equipment that requires separate, heavy equipment that soaks the carpet and then leaves tracks over the carpet as they clean, Brush & Clean’s equipment uses no vacuums and requires no long, obtrusive hoses to be dragged through the residence, office or facility. It requires less storage, less cleaning of the equipment, less labor to operate and less downtime.

“Wet carpet cleaning systems are like absorbent paper towels—they pick up the cleaning solution but invisibly re-contaminate cleaned areas leaving behind dampness, odor and dirt from what they can’t absorb by remaining wet,” said Bertossa.

Brush & Clean’s Dry Carpet Cleaning Compound follows the principles of cleaning—using a proper blend of moisture, agitation, temperature and timed delivery. The deep, thorough brushing of the carpeted area satisfies the time and agitation and heat components and is safe for all carpet fibers and tiles.

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