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Brilliant Scents Launches World Class Luxury Fragrance System


BOCA RATON, FLA.—Brilliant Scents, a pioneer in bringing the power of scent to the home, announced the launch of its affordable luxury home fragrance system and subscription service designed to help homeowners and small businesses transform their environments into an oasis inspired by the world’s most iconic locations, resorts and hotels. As part of the company’s expanding consumer and commercial product lines, Brilliant Scents’ all-natural fragrances are easily installed into any HVAC system to harness the emotional power of designer fragrances and help provide the health and emotional benefits of uplifting scent, including a better mood in the home and customer loyalty at work.

Scent marketing has long been used by leading resorts, spas, and hotels to create a branded sense of place and elevated ambiance. The new home fragrance line from Brilliant Scents adapts these scents for residential and small business use. It includes the best-selling Costa Del Sol, a rich, woodsy blend of cashmere, cedarwood and eucalyptus inspired by the luxurious and sustainable 1 Hotels. Other popular fragrances include Tulum Beach, City of Angels, La Mar, Beverly Gardens, Sugar Beach, Lanai Sunrise and more. All are inspired by the most awe-inspiring hotels, resorts and destinations in the world but are designed for use in the home or workplace.

“The hospitality and industries have long known the power of spreading uplifting scents throughout their locations. As someone who worked in that industry previously, I wanted the same benefits of elevated fragrance in my home, which led to the creation of Brilliant Scents,” said Brilliant Scents CEO Eddie Betz. “Besides enhancing the ambiance of any room, we’ve found that fragrances can have a positive impact on homeowners’ overall quality of life. A signature scent can also help small businesses strengthen their brand identity, increase customer satisfaction and boost sales.”

‘Cold Air Diffusion’ Technology

Brilliant Scents are not essential oil-based. Using cutting-edge “cold air diffusion” technology, the fragrance oil is broken down into a fine, dry nanoparticle that leaves zero residue. The systems are portable and easy to install into any HVAC system, whether a customer lives in a high-rise apartment or a house; or if they run a retail store, restaurant, or other small business. All the property owner needs is an electrical outlet.

A stand-alone configuration allows customers to conceal the system behind furniture, plants or other objects. Once the Brilliant Scents system is connected to an HVAC unit, the fragrance automatically spreads evenly and efficiently throughout the space, as opposed to candles or air freshener plug-ins that only deliver a scent within their immediate surroundings.

The company’s new affordable subscription service is priced right for consumers and businesses alike and gives them access to more than 30 hotel and destination-inspired scents. Customers can currently choose between two scenting systems—the LX3000 that scents up to 3,000 square feet of space, and the LX6000 that scents up to 6,000 square feet of space.