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Bluewater to Showcase Water Purifiers at NAFEM


OVERLAND PARK, KAN.—Bluewater will unveil its Bluewater Pro 400 and Bluewater Spirit model lines at NAFEM in Orlando, Fla., from February 7 to 9, to showcase innovative products and technologies that help foodservice professionals deliver fresh produce, achieve clean glassware and cutlery, and offer great-tasting coffee and other water-based drinks.

As a show bringing together over 500 movers-and-shakers from across the foodservice segments, NAFEM is the ideal venue for Bluewater to show the performance of its water purifiers, which remove practically all chemical contaminants, heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria and other impurities impacting food quality from tap water.

“This is our first time at NAFEM where we want to showcase how we offer innovative convenience and profitability benefits to a host of food service industries, from food market environments where efficient misting is essential for keeping produce fresh and attractive to professional catering environments running coffee makers, steam ovens, proofer boxes, and similar equipment,” said Lin Guo, Bluewater USA Inc. Head of Sales.

Introduction to North America

Guo said Bluewater is seeking to expand its water purifier presence across North America by using its booth (number 1583) to allow visitors to experience and take a close look at its innovative products and technologies. Already an established, fast-growing brand in Europe, China and Africa, Bluewater’s widely acclaimed water purifiers are innovated in Sweden and harness a unique, patented reverse-osmosis technology called SuperiorOsmosis.

Measuring just 18.3 inches high and 8.9 inches wide, the compact Bluewater Pro offers an outstanding water delivery capability to food service, restaurant, and catering businesses, efficiently generating up to 1,825 gallons of direct-flow water a day. Belying its smaller size at 18.2 inches high and 5.9 inches wide, the Bluewater Spirit also delivers a water delivery rate of 900 gallons of purified tap water per day.

Both the Bluewater Pro and Bluewater Spirit are WQA certified and provide excellent green credentials such as reducing the need for dishwasher detergents, cutting the need for single-use plastic bottles of water and slashing water wastage common to traditional reverse osmosis systems. Bluewater ’s second-generation reverse osmosis SuperiorOsmosis technology delivers a unique engineering solution that ensures the membrane is continuously washed while in use to increase filtration efficiency, boost operating capacity and provide a long service life.