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Bentley Prince Street Featured in ‘Greening The Bottom Line’ Report


LOS ANGELES—Bentley Prince Street has been featured in a new report by Environment California Research & Policy Center. Titled “Greening the Bottom Line: California Companies Save Money by Reducing Global Warming Pollution,” it demonstrates how cutting global warming pollution can be good for California businesses. The company is among a dozen businesses and institutions profiled in the report that have collectively reduced their global warming pollution by more than 100 million pounds per year while saving $21 million each year in operating costs.

“As California’s largest commercial carpet manufacturer, we take our responsibility to our environment and our state seriously,” says Anthony Minite, president of Bentley Prince Street. “Climate change is a key part of Bentley Prince Street’s business strategy in keeping with our Mission Zero goal to eliminate any negative impact our company may have on the environment by the year 2020. One of the biggest misconceptions around sustainable operations is that it means sacrificing either your product or profit. We’ve found that beautiful carpet can be environmentally sound, and running a business in a more sustainable way can help your bottom line, not hurt it.”

The report details that Bentley Prince Street has reduced its net greenhouse gas emissions by 75 percent since 1996 due to process efficiencies, energy efficiency projects and the purchase of renewable energy credits. It has also made 100 percent of its electrical energy requirements renewable and reduced waste sent to landfills by 94 percent.

The report highlights the simplicity of reducing global warming pollution, demonstrating that when companies think seriously about their energy use and global warming impacts, they find opportunities to use less energy, use it more efficiently and generate it from renewable resources. At the same time, these actions can help companies achieve greater financial success. The report is available at www.environmentcalifornia.org.

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