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Benchmark Awarded Green Business Certification for Chaminade Property


SANTA CRUZ, CALIF.—Benchmark Hospitality International, the operator of Chaminade at Santa Cruz, has been awarded Green Business Certification for exceeding environmental regulatory requirements, preventing pollution and conserving natural recourses. The award was presented to the resort, which overlooks Monterey Bay, by the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors. Chaminade is the first hospitality business in Santa Cruz County to receive the important certification.

“We are thrilled to receive the Green Business Certification,” says Jeff Bloom, Benchmark’s general manager at Chaminade. “As a responsible corporate citizen we strive to be as green as possible and also encourage our guests to support us in this effort through our ‘green guestroom’ program. It is an honor to have these initiatives recognized.”

To be considered for the Green Business Certification program, Chaminade was required to demonstrate compliance beyond normal standards to promote worker safety, conserve resources and protect water quality. The resort surpassed the standard of pollution prevention in seven key areas, surpassed a standard energy conservation benchmark, exceeded a minimum solid waste reduction percentage, surpassed a water conservation standard, met and exceeded all of the regulatory requirements, and had in place a significant employee recycling and conservation awareness training program.

“We are very pleased to be the first hospitality organization in the Santa Cruz area to receive the Green Business Certification Award, as our team has worked hard to meet and exceed the standards,” Bloom says. “Through continual assessment and improvement we look forward to doing even better. A key bottom line goal at Chaminade is a cleaner community for our children and our grandchildren; it’s what we leave behind that really counts.”

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