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Banyan Water Partners with HydroTech Solutions


AUSTIN, TEXAS—Banyan Water, a leading provider of data-driven water conservation for enterprises, announced a partnership with HydroTech Solutions, LLC, a commercial water conservation service provider, to enable commercial and industrial properties to streamline water use in cooling towers, boilers, potable water systems and graywater storage. The partnership provides commercial enterprises with insight into their water use.

“Banyan has the ideal platform for collecting and analyzing our sensor data at customer locations, with analytics that differentiate from other solutions,” said Brent Mulliniks, President of HydroTech. “Our water conservation technologies are validated with real-time reporting and provide predictive analytics that save operating and capital costs. Our complementary relationship with Banyan provides key operating data for sustainability or facility managers, and easy integration with building automation systems. Our customers are able to conserve water, reduce costs and increase asset value.”

HydroFLOW—HydroTech’s physical water conditioners for cooling towers—forces dissolved calcium to crystallize in the water stream, preventing scale from forming on equipment and allowing circulating water to be used two to three times longer without scale accumulation and with 75 percent fewer chemicals. The Total Water Management service includes eco-friendly solid chemistry, side-stream filtration and monthly site visits for program compliance.

Banyan’s software platform—available in real time on secure desktop- or mobile-accessible dashboards—collects and visualizes data from HydroTech’s hardware. Monthly reports detail cost savings, performance analysis and evaporation credit data that can be submitted to municipalities for rebates on monthly water bills.

“Our partnership with HydroTech couldn’t come at a more appropriate time,” said Gillan Taddune, CEO of Banyan. “HydroTech’s leading hardware solutions, combined with Banyan’s advanced real-time analytics capabilities, represent a next-generation opportunity for enterprises and even entire cities to implement new methods of conserving water while saving money in the process.”