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Awair Adds Light & Noise Tracking to Enterprise Indoor Air Quality Monitor


SAN FRANCISCO—Awair, the creators of intelligent air quality monitoring solutions, announced that Awair Omni, the company’s enterprise air quality monitor, now tracks light and noise levels in addition to air quality. Thanks to this new functionality, facility owners, building managers, realtors and other professionals will be able to track light and noise levels in a way that benefits employees, tenants, customers and other occupants. This new addition makes Omni one of the few devices available that tracks tenant wellness through a variety of factors, incorporating light, noise and air quality into its monitoring to create healthier, more productive spaces.

Importance of Tracking Noise & Light

With the new update to Omni, Awair empowers professionals to have more control over the environment of their spaces, giving them the ability to optimize their indoor environments based on factors that contribute to optimal tenant wellness. Noise and light levels have been shown to have significant effects on a person’s productivity and health over time. Noise has a negative effect on tasks requiring reading comprehension and memory and can lead to increased illness and lower job satisfaction, according to a study conducted by Cornell University . The quality and temperature of workplace lighting can affect circadian rhythm for tenants, according to a study by the American Society of Interior Designers.

“Awair is focused on empowering people and businesses to take control of their indoor environments,” said Ronald Ro, CEO of Awair. With light and noise tracking, Omni is giving building managers the knowledge they need to make sure they are providing the best possible living or working space.”

Awair Omni

Omni features enterprise-grade sensors that track the key factors of air quality (temperature, humidity, CO2, chemicals, and fine dust), along with light and noise, and provides actionable insights that allow building managers to create healthy, productive environments for their facilities.

Omni is already used by leading organizations like WeWork, AirBnB, Harvard, Stanford University and Google to keep their facilities optimized for employee and tenant health.

Building Certifications

Omni recently achieved RESET certification to allow builders to use the product to earn coveted green building certifications. The new air and noise tracking capabilities are key factors in achieving additional building certifications like WELL and LEED. These continuing certifications will help Awair continue to assist in better designing, building, monitoring and controlling their environments.