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Auto-Chlor Highlights U34 Dishmachine for Small Spaces


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF.—Auto-Chlor System, a national leader in the production, installation, and service of energy-saving dishwashers, offers the U34 SpaceSaver Dishmachine. The U34 fits under a 34” table or countertop, making it ideal for behind-the-bar and café-like settings. Even with its space-saving design, the U34’s internal washing capacity accommodates full-size standard 20×20 dish racks. With a 90-second wash cycle, it can wash up to 37 racks an hour.

The U34 dishmachine features Auto-Chlor’s proprietary water-saving technology, making it a highly efficient and cost-effective machine. Water efficiency doesn’t mean compromising on power. With a built-in water pressure regulator, the U34 ensures a powerful, thorough clean with every wash cycle. The innovative self-cleaning design flushes out food particles automatically—saving time and eliminating messy clean up between cycles. This dishmachine requires no auxiliary water heater and operates on a standard, single 115V electrical circuit.

Auto-Chlor’s Route Service guarantees that the U34 and all Auto-Chlor dishmachines are cleaned, maintained, and properly equipped with the necessary chemical solutions for optimal use. As part of Auto-Chlor’s commitment to sustainability, service team members collect used chemical bottles and containers for recycling while refilling and replacing the solutions each establishment needs. During Route Service visits, Auto-Chlor’s team members provide relevant safety and compliance training to employees—ensuring proper use and maintenance of the equipment and the safety of the establishment.

In addition to the regular maintenance and service visits, Auto-Chlor offers 24/7 coast-to-coast service with a two-hour emergency response time. Auto-Chlor prides itself on being able to provide comprehensive emergency visits, with no diagnostic and service wait time, ensuring all customers are maintaining the most up-time possible for their establishments.

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