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Attune Receives SOC2 Compliance Standard Certification


VIENNA, VA.—Attune, an industry leader with the most comprehensive and flexible sensor platform delivering needed real-time data for digital transformation, announced that it has received the SOC 2 Type 1 compliance standard certification. The SOC 2 compliance certification distinguishes organizations as leaders in cybersecurity industry standards and data protection.

Developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), the SOC 2 compliance report is a voluntary compliance for companies that adhere to the highest standard of security confidentiality. Through extensive auditing procedures, SOC 2 aims to monitor companies’ internal security controls and data privacy continuously. Additionally, SOC 2 provides assurance of trust and transparency in Attune’s cloud service operations, processes, and results.

“For a company whose central mission is to protect and provide customers with data, SOC 2 certification legitimizes everything we do. It’s a gold medal in this industry,” said Serene Almomen, CEO and Co-founder of Attune. “Our technology innovations have already been awarded with 50 patents, but this certification is the icing on the cake as we continue to expand.”

Access to Needed Real-Time Data/Analytics

Attune’s IoT technology stack delivers the complete solution by integrating an IoT Cloud Core with configurable, solution ready IoT Edge hardware designed for rapid installation at a monitoring site. Attune partners are assured of having access to needed real-time data/analytics, such as energy consumption, indoor air quality, water, and critical equipment status, to drive their real-time service applications.

“Attune is dedicated to earning the trust and safety of our customers and keeping their data secure. We recognize the importance of providing extensive privacy and data measures to protect our products, Internet of Things (IoT) services, and users,” said Julien Stamatakis, CTO, and Co-founder of Attune. “The SOC 2 certification validates our efforts, and we are thrilled to be recognized as a leader in providing our customers with that reassurance.”

Attune’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensors were the first in North America to receive UL-2905 providing real-time assurance into critical areas of indoor air quality situational awareness and alerts when air threats occur. Its detection technology detects changes in temperature, humidity, energy consumption, risk of water leaks, and equipment status.

For more information about Attune, visit their website at https://www.attuneiot.com.