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Atmosphere Hospitality Launches New Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites Brand


DENVER—The launch of the new Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites Brand on the anniversary of Earth Day 2010 underscores this new brand concept’s commitment to environmental awareness and social responsibility. The Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites Brand design has taken a proactive approach to environmentally responsible architecture and intends that each new build will achieve Gold or Platinum LEED certification. The development philosophy is based upon the conviction and reality that sustainable business practices are necessary and provide viable long-term profitability when blended with responsible operational systems, a modern day sales approach, superior guest service and a healthy and productive work environment.

Green from the ground up, Adoba is a mid-tier, full-service, energy-saving, independent hotel targeting the social, value-wise guest who is traveling with a modern lifestyle purpose. Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites has taken a mindful, holistic approach into balancing the environmental impact of travel with a rewarding, comfortable lifestyle guest experience. Sustainable elements such as utilization of recycled materials, energy efficiencies advanced by the “Adoba Smart Solar Roofing” system, minimization of waste and pollution, waste water management, and purposeful upscale amenities demonstrate that new green construction is better for the owner’s bottom line.

The hotel plans include a fully functioning sustainable restaurant plan, Atmosphere Bar and Grill, with the latest and most modern green concepts and techniques. This concept is a full complimentary breakfast design that turns into an open wood fired grill in the evening that will straightforwardly compete against “free standing” restaurants. The bar design offers a dimensional, open floor plan.

‘Fountain of Energy’ in Lobby

The Adoba philosophy is evident the moment a guest arrives and observes the distinctive xeric landscaping and fully functioning “Adoba Smart Solar Roofing” system. Upon entering the hotel, guests are energized by the signature “Fountain of Energy” that incorporates the concepts of nature. The Fountain connects the energy of the interior and exterior of the building and evokes the juxtaposition of relaxation; it gives each guest a sense of “I have arrived and I can relax.” Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites is breaking from the traditional hotel brick and mortar model and eliminating the standard franchise fee.

The brand’s growth strategy is focused on top eco-driven priority markets and major cities like Denver, Tucson, San Francisco, Portland (Ore.), Washington, D.C., Houston, Midland/Odessa (Texas), and Seattle. Despite the economic downturn, the Adoba concept is gaining momentum with developers, owners and financial lending institutions.

For more information about the Adoba Eco Hotel & Suites and Atmosphere Bar and Grill including architectural plans, renderings, room/suite layouts, and hotel facts, visit www.adobaecohotel.com.

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