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At Very Low Cost, a Heated Towel Rack Can Prolong a Towel’s Trip to the Laundry

Amba Products

NATIONAL REPORT—For guests staying multiple nights at a hotel, the ubiquitous towel/linen reuse program has been an effective way to keep towels out of the laundry. According to the 2018 Lodging Survey, 95 percent of lodging establishments now offer the program. Yet another way to prolong a towel’s trip to the laundry is to offer a heated towel rack in the guestroom bathroom. According to Amba Products, utilized in Europe for decades due to their energy efficiency, heated towel racks use much less energy than a standard dryer (about the same amount of electricity as a few light bulbs). Heated towel racks can also add a stylish accent to any bathroom while also reducing mildew.

The majority of towel racks are wall-mounted and hardwired, freeing up space in the bathroom. Freestanding models are available for small spaces where portability makes sense. According to WarmlyYours, heated towel racks are designed to gradually warm towels over the course of a day and work best when towels are left to hang for about three hours.

One of the ways The Mark Hotel in New York City is adding sustainability to comfort is through the use of Amba Heated Towel Racks in all of its guest bathrooms. The Yotel chain also uses Amba heated towel racks to save energy and increase guest comfort.

Heated towel racks are available in many models and styles. Amba Products’ 304-grade stainless steel heated towel racks are 100 percent recyclable. From WarmlyYours, one can purchase heated towel racks with flat bars to maximize surface area contact.

Glenn Hasek can be reached at editor@greenlodgingnews.com.