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Ashkin Group Program Accepted by U.S. Green Building Council


BLOOMINGTON, IND.—The Ashkin Group’s new sustainability workshop, The Operational Approach to Sustainability, was recently accepted into the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Education Provider Program.

This program allows facility managers and others to access “high-quality, peer reviewed courses for professionals seeking to enrich their knowledge of green building theories, techniques, practices, and trends,” according to the USGBC. The half-day workshop was developed by Stephen Ashkin, president of the Ashkin Group, and Cynthia Schultz, the organization’s director of Sustainability Practices.

According to Ashkin, the goal of the program, which is designed for the professional cleaning industry as well as other industries, companies, and organizations, is to help organizations become more sustainable.

“By focusing on operations, we are moving the issue beyond [a company] simply publishing an annual sustainability or corporate responsibility report,” says Ashkin. “Instead, this is a hands-on program teaching managers such as those responsible for sales, human resources, facilities, distribution & transportation, and cleaning, etc. to make a real difference on the environment, health, and their organization’s bottom line.”

Involves Four Group Exercises

The workshop includes four hands-on, group exercises that guide class participants through the process of identifying and measuring key sustainability indicators and then using this information to implement their own sustainability programs.

The four exercises include defining sustainability, understanding the three components of sustainability (environmental, social, economic), identifying sustainability indicators, and developing a prioritized action plan to implement a sustainable program.

“One of the components that makes this program unique is that it involves exercises, not long lectures with lots of note taking,” Ashkin says. “There are no ‘talking heads.’ Instead, participants learn by doing, which makes learning fun, more effective, and much easier for class participants to take this information back to their offices and implement [sustainable] changes in their own facilities.”

Ashkin says final details as to when and where the workshops will be held as well as charges for the workshop are now being determined.

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