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Arabella Sedona Adds Artist in Residence Program


SEDONA, ARIZ.—The Arabella Sedona recently announced a partnership with Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art to develop their Artist in Residence program. Celebrating the State of Arizona and its regional artwork, this partnership creates a network of beauty, inspiration and creativity. In order to compliment the property’s new renovation and provide an experiential adventure for visitors, pieces from notable local artists were strategically placed throughout key locations on their grounds. At the same time, the hotel regularly invites the actual artists onsite in order share their stories, artwork and expertise with guests and neighbors.

The newly renovated property is currently featuring works of art from Bill Worrell, Marianne Caroselli, Bobbie Carlyle, Mark White and Gene & Rebecca Tobey on the hotel grounds. Each of these renowned artists is known for their originality and unique interpretation of their designs.

“We created the Artist in Residence program to not only support local artists but to highlight the serenity of Sedona for our guests,” said Managing Director of the Arabella Sedona, Randy Ortiz. “We invite guests and the general public to stroll the grounds enjoying the artistry of the Red Rocks, hospitality of Arabella and the one-of-a-kind pieces from the artists of the area.”

“Exposures Gallery is proud to represent over 100 talented artists, in a variety of mediums, from all over the world,” stated owner of Exposures International Gallery of Fine Arts, Marty Herman. “Arabella perfectly displays a taste of the spectacular artwork that is to be discovered once you visit Exposures Gallery.”