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Aquatic Solutions Provider VivoAquatics Announces Launch of VivoPoint IQ


LOS ANGELES—VivoAquatics, a leader in providing innovative and sustainable aquatic solutions, announced the launch of VivoPoint IQ, an analytics platform now integrated into the VivoPoint aquatic management system. VivoPoint IQ provides clients and partners a platform to measure and benchmark water quality, water usage and energy demand across a property or portfolio of properties.

VivoPoint IQ includes a set of applications and benchmarks to assist clients maintain safe water, mitigate risks and improve guest satisfaction. For the first time, hotels, hospitals, multi-family apartments, fitness clubs, waterparks and other facilities are now able to benchmark water quality in recreational (i.e., pools, fountains, water features), health services (i.e., therapy spas) and building management (i.e., cooling towers) applications. The benchmarks are the result of on-site chemical automation hardware, cloud based software and a proprietary algorithm that assesses water chemistry levels and utilization 24/7 and measures against compliance standards.

“VivoPoint IQ is a natural extension of our business,” said Willan Johnson, CEO of VivoAquatics. “Hospitality leaders are familiar with benchmarking guest satisfaction, occupancy, RevPar and many operational metrics. And yet, till now these professionals had no ability to benchmark water quality and usage for critical guest facing water features that can impact a property’s reputation and profitability.”

VivoPoint IQ was developed in collaboration with many leading resorts, hotels, multi-family housing REITs, municipalities, fitness clubs and waterparks including those operating under the Marriott, Hilton, Wet’n’Wild and MGM Resorts International brands. Operators and managers face significant challenges in mitigating litigation risk, maintaining compliance with local and federal regulations, reducing costs and resources while simultaneously improving the guest experience. VivoPoint IQ now allows property, regional and corporate personnel the ability to systematically review property performance and more importantly provide the toolset for brands and operators to create more consistency, reduce costs and improve overall profitability.

“The launch of VivoPoint IQ has already proven to be a benefit for our clients,” added Maxwell Koby, General Manager of VivoAquatics. “In beta testing, we found that the IQ benchmarks create greater accountability for all participants (i.e., property and service providers) to work together to improve water quality. We look forward to rolling out the additional VivoPoint IQ applications.”