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swisssollogoooADA International developed the first closed dispenser system for hospitality. Our dispenser solutions offer intelligent concepts that incorporate technological convenience, economic and ecological benefits in a modern product design. Featuring the latest generation Smart Care System (patented system with a slim look and soft touch), the classic press + wash esystem (perennial best seller), the versatile ILLI 1 with sustainable Scandinavian design and the ergonomic shaped, economical solution ILLI 2. These dispenser cartridges are non-refillable, recyclable and drip free with 90% biodegradable content.

Contact us in the USA, call (847) 297-5105 or for Canada call (705) 801-6002 or visit our website http://www.ada-international.com.

Dispenser Amenities’ mission is to provide environmentally smart dispensing of bath and shower liquids in hotel rooms, clubs and spas. Instead of individual-use bottles that become waste, we dispense superior quality natural liquids through attractive, cost-effective dispensers that are available in designs, sizes and finishes to suit any property. Call (800) 639-4756.

Essential Amenities provides luxury personal care guestroom items to luxury hotels and bed and breakfasts that provide a true sense of indulgence for the discriminating guest. Our products are produced with the environment in mind with post-consumer and recyclable packaging and environmentally friendly and cruelty free formulas. All our own brands are made in the USA and are in stock and ready to ship immediately upon receipt of your order. Our collections include Hermes EOV & Hermes JSN, Lanvin, Poggesi, ECRU New York, Exotic Coral, Dickens & Hawthorne, and Whytemor & Keach. Contact us at Diana.johnson@essentialamenities.com or call (800) 541-6775 for more information.

Gilchrist & Soames is continually looking for new and innovative solutions that shrink our carbon footprint, while enhancing the hotel guest experience. Our dispenser systems cut hotel costs and decrease the impact on the environment by reducing waste and the need for single-use plastics. Gilchrist & Soames offers dispenser solutions with both tamper-proof and non-refillable cartridge options. Our eye-catching and economical dispenser systems are available in a wide array of designs, finishes and sizes to complement the décor of any hotel. Call (800) 592-8862.

HOTEL EMPORIUM was founded in 1997 with one mission in mind: elevate the standards of the hospitality industry. As a leader in manufacturing guest care products servicing 11,000+ hotels worldwide, Hotel Emporium is fully committed to sustainability by what we refer to as Ecolosophy. Ecolosophy is our fully integrated Sustainability Awareness Program to have an Environmentally Friendly Work Place and Manufacturing Practices, the promotion of Environmentally Friendly Products, and aiding Proactive Sustainable Organizations. From the start, our company’s motto and goal has been six small words: “Quality and Service You Can Trust.” For more information, call Jennifer Bojovic at (224) 323-0898, e-mail jbojovic@hotelemporium.com, or go to www.hotelemporium.com.

J.R.LIGGETT’S crafts the finest shampoo and conditioner bars that are safe and environmentally friendly, using the highest quality natural ingredients. Their shampoo bars are available in six different formulas and come in a standard or mini size and feature zero-waste, biodegradable packaging. Their haircare products are beloved by people of all hair types. J.R.LIGGETT’s is a trusted personal care brand that has been creating eco-conscious luxury shampoo bars for more than 40 years in the U.S.A. They also offer a line of premium pet shampoos, shave cream, and hydrating lip butters, perfect for the eco-friendly hotel, lodge, or resort. Call (888) 675-2055 or e-mail Jim Liggett at jrliggett@jrliggett.com.

At LATHER, we deliver wellness experiences daily. Through innovative formulations, strict quality control, and seamless distribution, we have steadily grown to become a trusted industry leader. We are proud to partner with many of the most discerning properties around the world to enhance guest experience, drive revenue and create continuity with in-room, spa, and retail solutions. We are revered for our friendly, trustworthy, expedient service and our unwavering commitment to traveler wellness. We offer LATHER branded and custom formulated in-room collections, including Turndown, and large format sizing. Contact us via email at sales@lather.com or visit our website at latherhotel.com. You may also call (626) 397-9050.

We are the premier distributor of eco-friendly hotel amenities and guestroom supplies. We offer a wide selection of appealing amenities and dispensing solutions designed to promote sustainability of both the environment and the bottom line. We invite you to review our website, and then contact us with questions. We look forward to sharing our “fresh ideas for hospitality” with you! Our personable and highly trained team is ready to assist. We provide rapid responses to e-mail, phone and website inquiries, and we ship most items within 1 business day! Call (636)922-2285.

Principle Brands provides distinctive adult and children’s amenities to the world’s finest hotels, resorts and spas. Our team’s award-winning experience spans the global hospitality and beauty industries. Our collections elevate guest experiences and set new standards. Each of our collections, Bespoke, In-House, and Children’s, is formulated with pure botanicals, always mindful of our environmental responsibility and respectful of fine craftsmanship. Call (202) 450-7392 for more information.

Founded in 2015, World Amenities, an Inc. 5000 company, is a trusted leading global supplier of environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable quality luxe skincare-based brands, custom amenities, necessities, and accessories. Incorporating EcoPure© biodegradable technology, we bring 20 years of experience to the production and distribution of FDA-approved and certified, vegan and cruelty-free skincare brands, with the majority of products and packaging made in North America. Whether you need dispenser solutions or sustainable refillable pumps, we uniquely design, formulate, customize, and manufacture each personal care guest room amenity with artisanal skills. We efficiently reach more than 70 global markets in 40,000 plus hotels, salons, spas, medical and educational sites with our five USA distribution centers. The industry recognizes World Amenities as an influencer in hospitality standards and expectations. For more information, call World Amenities at (619) 276-7660, e-mail sales@worldamenities.com, or go to www.worldamenities.com.

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