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Aluminum Bottles: Better Than Water in a Carton?


After posting my recent article on water that is available in boxed cartons, I heard from Nicole Doucet, the co-founder and CEO of Chicago-based Open Water, a bottled water company that uses aluminum packaging as a more sustainable alternative to plastic bottled water. Nicole sent me a document that explains more about the bottled water her company sells. First, according to Open Water, the upside to aluminum is that it can be recycled over and over without losing volume or quality. Aluminum gets recycled more than cartons and other recyclables. Plastic and cartons get downcycled into lower quality materials. Two-thirds of all aluminum in circulation has already been recycled once. In the document, Open Water is compared to packaged water available in plastic and in carton containers. Some carton water containers have as much as 9 grams of plastic, Open Water says. It takes 5.5 grams to make a plastic bag.

Open Water is available as still or with a fizz. It is also available in an aluminum can. Open Water is made in the U.S.A. and currently available at select retailers in 32 states. Open Water has plans to build out its warehouses so that its water is not shipped more than 500 miles in the lower 48 states. Its current warehouse and production facility are in the Midwest. Ocean Water has committed 1 percent of each sale to ocean cleanup efforts around the world.

Watch for more details soon as I learn more about Open Water. It is great to see companies emerging with alternatives to purely plastic water bottles.