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Altro Removes Phthalates from Flooring Line


WILMINGTON, MASS.—Altro has removed all the phthalates or “plasticizers” from its safety flooring range. Phthalates, a common additive in most plastics, allows the material to be flexible and useful for applications such as floor and wall coverings.

Recently, phthalates have come under some scrutiny as being possibly dangerous to public health. While there is no clear direct scientific data to support the belief that phthalates in flooring are dangerous to human health, the skeptics still remain.

Because they have become objectionable to some, Altro has eliminated phthalates from its entire safety flooring range and has replaced them with a renewable, bio-based alternative, derived from maize.

With this innovation, Altro safety flooring products may help contribute to Pilot LEED Credit 11—Chemical Avoidance in Building Materials. This is in addition to their current contribution towards LEED MR 4—Recycled Content and LEED IEQ 4.3 Low Emitting Materials.

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