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AirRevive to Re-Commission Fan Coil Units at Houston Marriott


DAVIE, FLA.—AirRevive, a leader in sustainable HVAC refurbishment and retrofit services, recently announced its been awarded a guestroom air-conditioning project at the Houston Marriott Medical Center during the hotel’s renovation.

Utilizing its sister company’s expertise as a specialty engineering solutions manufacturer, AirRevive developed an affordable method to re-commission fan coil units comparable to off the shelf units. Improvements to existing units that increase guest comfort include quiet operation, faster cooling and heating, accurate temperature sets and reduced humidity.

Before AirRevive created its niche in the hospitality industry, the 34-year-old units could have been deemed at the end of their life, scrapped and replaced. With a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, the modern full service Marriott engaged AirRevive to re-commission its 430 guestroom fan coil units. AirRevive’s site survey concluded the units could be brought back to new operation and better than new performance for a fraction of the cost of replacements.

Tear Out Time Eliminated

“AirRevive is honored to be included in the Houston Marriott Medical Center’s renovation project,” said Justin Del Sesto, AirRevive President. “In addition to extending the life of the assets and lowering energy bills, AirRevive’s ‘in-room’ process never removes the unit from the wall. This eliminates tear out time and costs associated with replacement units.”
The Houston Marriott Medical Center project includes soups-to-nuts refurbishment, as needed valve and coil replacement, coil rejuvenation, structural repair and high efficiency EC motor retrofits. The refurbishment process improves indoor air quality by removing dirt, debris and chemicals collected in the unit from the renovation.

“During its initial mockup, AirRevive identified simple solutions to reduce energy waste such as eliminating simultaneous heating and cooling from bypassing control valves,” said Del Sesto. “The property knew that 15 percent to 20 percent of its coils and valves would need to be replaced. If the EC motor is programmed to a restricted or severely damaged coil, the motor will sense the resistance and increase power consumption. This is a tremendous waste of energy.”

After AirRevive’s service is complete the coil is unrestricted. The coil temperature and the supply temperature drop by a few degrees. The result is a guestroom that cools and heats faster and maintains temperature set point. During the EC motor retrofit, airflow is programmed to the unit’s design specification. This process results in a uniform roll out of re-commissioned units working at maximum efficiency. Sample before and after energy readings at the Houston Marriott Medical Center demonstrate a 68 percent reduction in wattage per unit. When the fan coil unit is working correctly it optimizes and tunes up the entire water loop, which positively impacts chiller and boiler efficiency.

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