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AirRevive Completes Fan Coil Unit Refurbishment at Marriott Hotel


DAVIE, FLA.—AirRevive announces the completion of a hotel guestroom fan coil unit refurbishment project at the Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott, a fixture at Newark Airport since 1983.

Marriott and Host Hotels and Resorts demonstrated their continued commitment to the environment and guest comfort by choosing AirRevive to refurbish the property’s 595 guestroom air conditioners. The decision to refurbish over replacement not only saves money, but also avoids discarding close to 600 air conditioners.

AirRevive refurbishment of the Unilux guestroom vertical fan coil units included cleaning and disinfecting the coils, reconditioning the blower assembly, refurbishing the condensate pan with epoxy coating, clearing the drain lines and replacing the fiber insulation with fiber-free foam anti-microbial thermal insulation. AirRevive sourced and installed the Unilux metal panel covers.
EC motors were also installed. AirRevive’s extensive refurbishment plan prepared the units for the EC motor retrofits. It is the best practice to have all the building’s fan coil units clean, working uniformly and optimized before programming an EC motor. By optimizing the building’s fan coil units ahead of time, the EC motor program roll out is efficient and uniform.
The hotel was fully operational during this project.

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