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AERCO Offers Modulex Line of Condensing Boilers


NORTHVALE, N.J.—AERCO, a design leader in high-efficiency boilers and hot water heaters, introduces the AERCO Modulex line of condensing boilers. Available in six different sizes, the light commercial boilers offer superior turndown to maximize seasonal efficiency. They also bring a high level of operating reliability to installations that require from 300,000 to 1 million BTUs/hr. capacities.

The AERCO Modulex line continues the company’s tradition of developing fully modulating, condensing, high-efficiency solutions. With modulating capabilities from 6:1 to 23:1 (depending on the unit), the line offers performance advantages such as whisper-quiet operation of <50 dBa, as well as low NOx emission of <30 ppm to satisfy environmental requirements.

A breakthrough design approach separates the AERCO line from similar capacity boilers. Each AERCO Modulex boiler combines between two and seven independent, 151,500-BTU/hr., pre-assembled thermal modules housed in a common enclosure. Each module has its own dedicated controller with a combustion safeguard, variable-speed fan, modulating gas valve, electronic ignition, modulating burner, flow temperature sensor, thermostat and heat exchanger. The independent operation of these thermal modules increases each boiler’s overall reliability. If a single module requires maintenance or repair, the other module(s) in the boiler can maintain the system load requirements, thereby providing a level of redundancy that was previously only realized in multi-boiler installations.

All the individual thermal controllers are linked in a slave-to-master relationship with the boiler’s master controller. The master controller drives or bypasses one or more thermal modules based on response to system load and the operating feedback received from each thermal module controller.

AERCO Modulex boilers can support low gas pressure applications and PVC venting materials. In addition, each unit has multiple supply/return piping, venting and gas connection locations for even greater installation flexibility. Combustion view ports and easy access to all operating components further simplify minimal maintenance requirements.

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