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Advance Vacuums Now Contribute to LEED-EBOM Certification


PLYMOUTH, MINN.—Advance now offers vacuums that meet the requirements for sustainable cleaning equipment specified by the Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance Rating System (LEED-EBOM). Advance vacuums that can contribute points to LEED certification include Adgility XP backpack vacuums and Spectrum upright vacuums. The Adgility XP and Spectrum vacuums have been awarded the Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Seal of Approval and operate with a sound level of less than 70 dBA, both of which are requirements for vacuums under the LEED-EBOM program.
The purchase of green cleaning equipment is a prerequisite to Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Credit 3.4: Green Cleaning—Sustainable Cleaning Equipment of the LEED-EBOM rating system. Requirements for vacuums and other powered cleaning equipment aim to reduce building contaminants and minimize environmental impact. The CRI Seal of Approval certification signifies that a vacuum meets high performance standards for soil removal, dust containment and indoor air quality. Vacuums with operating sound levels below 70 dBA are suitable for daytime cleaning, which helps reduce the need for nighttime cleaning shifts that require additional lighting and HVAC.
LEED for Existing Buildings-Operations and Maintenance is a voluntary standard for defining, measuring and certifying the sustainability of an existing commercial building. The individual sections and points of LEED-EBOM—including IEQ Credit 3.4—work together to make up a complete sustainable building. Even if LEED certification is not a goal, it can be a guide toward establishing best practices for reducing the environmental impact of cleaning, improving the indoor environmental quality of buildings and lowering the cost to clean and maintain buildings.

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