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ADA International Builds On SaveTheBees Commitment

The bee hotel

ADA International, in support of bees, launched a SaveTheBees! Initiative for Earth Day. Since that time the company, a maker of hotel cosmetics for hotels and resorts around the world, has done the following: sprinkled a 12,000 square meter meadow behind the headquarter building with seeds for a bee-food-paradise; distributed packages with bee-friendly flower seeds to associates, so that they can convert their gardens and balconies into a bee-friendly home; and built a hotel for the bees which the company hopes will become a home for the bees frequenting the meadow.

The SaveTheBees! Initiative is just part of what ADA International does throughout the year to improve the planet and reduce its environmental impact. The company produces a sustainability report that describes its many actions. ADA has its own Code of Ethics and official statement on slavery and human trafficking. Click here for more information.