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AccorHotels Launches Mobile Accommodation Concept Using Marine Containers


PARIS—Due to the success of its pilot project, which was initially tested at various cultural, sporting and artistic events throughout France, AccorHotels’ innovative Flying Nest concept is now entering the commercialization stage in the B-to-B market. The Flying Nest uses converted marine containers designed with sustainability in mind.

The Flying Nest is in line with AccorHotels’ innovative approach of constantly rethinking tomorrow’s hospitality in response to a strong trend, that of guests expecting to enjoy exclusive and intense experiences. AccorHotels’ twofold objective is to provide its customers with unique hospitality experiences during outstanding events and to meet accommodation needs where hotel capacity is at saturation point.

“Originally developed for a B-to-B clientele (event organizing agencies, exhibition organizers, festivals, events, corporate clients, AccorHotels partners, etc.), the Flying Nest concept could also be offered to a B-to-C target in 2019,” said Sébastien Dupic, New Business Senior Project Manager at AccorHotels.

A Mobile & Flexible Accommodation Concept

The Flying Nest accommodation solution uses converted marine containers, ensuring quick and easy transportation of the modules. To assemble the guestrooms and deliver this innovative concept in record time, AccorHotels has partnered with Capsa, a Lyon-based startup specializing in the conversion of these modules.

Bold, Modern Design for Comfort & Connectivity

Ora-ïto has designed these mobile guestrooms. Created to offer a functional and pleasant experience, each island consists of six modules cladded with raw and natural materials and decked out with all the comfort of a hotel room (Sweet Bed by ibis bedding, private bathroom, air-conditioned living area and Wi-Fi connection).

“The layout of the islands, the patio and the large windows connecting the inside of each room to the outside all provide guests with a totally immersive accommodation option at the heart of the experience,” said Damien Perrot, Senior Vice President Design at AccorHotels.

An Environmentally Sensitive Hospitality Solution

In agreement with the Group’s commitments and values, the modules have been designed with sustainability in mind: materials, techniques and equipment are all environmentally friendly (fair trade amenities, environmentally certified paint, wood cladding from environmentally managed forests, LED lighting, etc.), while the modules operate using green energy (grey water recovery, etc.).

Through the Flying Nest project, AccorHotels is reaffirming its commitment to serving its customers at all levels, including at cultural, sporting and entertainment events.