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3 Pillar Solutions Releases Cloud-Based Hotel Sustainability Assessment


WEST PALM BEACH, FLA.—3 Pillar Solutions, LLC announced the launch of their online 3Pillar Hotel Sustainability Assessment, eliminating what can sometimes be unaffordable on-site consulting and travel fees. This comprehensive 238-question assessment takes a comprehensive snapshot of the entire operations. Shortly after submittal, a custom-tailored report of recommendations for improvement and cost savings are provided, along with a 3Pillar Hotel Sustainability Guide offering education in all areas of sustainable hospitality, from food waste prevention, stakeholder engagement strategies, to adopting the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals 2030 locally.

“The 3P Hotel Sustainability Assessment by 3 Pillar Solutions provided a comprehensive and affordable platform for assessing the current state of sustainability at Skamania Lodge and provided a roadmap for continual development and improvement. This program identified areas that we had never thought of before, allowing us to go further than we thought possible with our sustainability efforts.”—Ken Daugherty, General Manager.

KathySue McGuire

KathySue McGuire, 3 Pillar Solutions Principal, says: “We created this assessment to fill a need not currently addressed—the need for hotels to have an affordable way to incorporate sustainability into their operations, enhance their brand reputation, and access eco-conscious travelers.”

3 Pillar Solutions partnered with CSRware to provide the software platform. The assessment can score an owner or management company’s entire portfolio of hotels and compare them with each other or can be used by individual hotels. The assessment covers the following areas of operation: Sustainability Profile, Building Ops & Maintenance, Energy, Water, Waste Recycling, Transportation, Indoor Air Quality, Food & Beverage, Retail, Human Resources, Purchasing & Shipping, Health & Wellness, Housekeeping, Recreation (tennis, golf, fitness), Landscape Maintenance, and Innovation.

About 3 Pillar Solutions, LLC

3 Pillar Solutions, LLC is a sustainability consulting  firm offering the hospitality, tourism, meetings/events industry an affordable service to improve efficiencies and maximize profit. Businesses of all kinds benefit when sustainable management systems are put into place, along with stakeholder engagement strategies that inspire participation. Combined this is always at the heart of success.

About CSRware, Inc.

CSRware is a cloud-based Corporate Social Responsibility software platform that enables businesses to meet a higher standard of accountability and transparency to overcome today’s most challenging environmental, social and governance issues.