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ZENO Interface Connects Office Staff to Environmental Controls


BUFFALO, N.Y.—Zeno Controls LLC is putting sensor data in the hands of the hotel staff. Using Zeno’s InnPoint Guest Experience Interface, data that normally is reserved for back-of-house areas is now available for guestrooms. InnPoint uses a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system that collects data points from anywhere in the building and displays the metrics in a programmable graphic user interface designed to optimize the visualization of the data and facilitate response if required.

“ZENO’s InnPoint package provides a common interface between otherwise independent elements of automated energy savings,” said Josh Alper, Zeno Controls General Manager. “The solution is designed to balance energy savings and guest comfort. ZENO’s specially formulated hardware and software combinations bridge the gaps that have historically been wedged between sensor networks, building automation systems/building management systems (BAS/BMS), hotel property-management systems, and point-of-sale systems (PMS and POS).

“Temperature and humidity are important, but the new sensor arrays we unveiled [earlier this year] at HITEC will report excessive noise levels, bad air quality and more, giving hotel staff a chance to fix small problems before they escalate,” Alper said.

Also Showcased at HITEC:

•    Bluetooth Beacon Technology—combined with state-of-the-art location software and Motorola Radios to send automated messages to the closest authorized staff member to investigate on alarm or developing situation.
•    Safe & Sound Alert System—at the core of the new InnPoint network (which allows for future expansion) guests will be able to monitor their own environment and be protected from carbon monoxide, excessive VOC’s and receive notices/alerts on their phones, adding peace of mind to the hotel back end.

“As the Internet of Things continues to place sensors out in the world, Smart Gateways are collecting the data,” Alper said. “By understanding what data is important to hotel operations and marketing, ZENO can perform ‘Reality Mining’ that qualifies data as it is collected and makes analytical processing effective and achievable without expensive analysis.”

Controlling Energy in the Cloud

Now that InnPoint can support Schneider Electronics ZigBee devices, including the new 8300 SmartStruxture Series Room Controllers, 8600 Heat Pumps Controllers, and accessory sensors, it is bringing the power of the Zeno Gateway into the guestroom.

“Today Zeno Controls can do what used to cost $1,000 per room for half the price plus understand whether or not the guest experience is being preserved,” said Bob Eckery, Zeno Controls Product Manager. “Currently we use a web-accessible SCADA for data collection, but as the system moves to the cloud, hardware costs at each location will drop, and data will be available across all platforms, enabling a level of interface with POS, PMS, BAS and sales/marketing that has not been possible to date.”

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