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WTTC Releases Important ‘Nature Positive Travel & Tourism’ Report

Glenn Hasek

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has just released an extensive research document entitled, “Nature Positive Travel & Tourism.” I highly recommend reading this report. Says WTTC President & CEO Julia Simpson in the introduction, “Nature Positive Travel & Tourism explores how our sector can protect nature while preventing further damage to nature and promoting a regenerative approach to tourism. It also highlights the challenges we must overcome to fulfil our role as a key sector in addressing biodiversity loss and, with it, climate change. We created this report to serve as a resource for Travel & Tourism businesses and a springboard to ensure Nature Positive strategies are employed throughout the Travel & Tourism value chain and in every region. With this research and these recommendations, we can facilitate a more coordinated global effort to living in harmony with nature while enabling global Travel & Tourism and supporting the lives and livelihoods that depend on our sector to survive.

In a nutshell, you need to be asking yourself, “Is my hotel or company taking more from nature than it is giving back? Or, giving back more than it is taking?” For our industry and our world to be sustainable, it must be “nature positive.”

Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive Secretary, United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, in the report’s foreward, says we are losing biodiversity and natural resources at an unprecedented rate. Yet, the tourism sector has a unique need for, and responsibility to, contribute to the reversal of nature and biodiversity loss.

“The good news is that Travel & Tourism is in a unique position to contribute to this reversal by: educating and raising awareness of travelers, hosts, and employees; generating revenue streams that sustain the protection, management, and restoration of ecosystems, protected areas, and other effective forms of land and seascape conservation; reducing footprint activities at the resort and destination level; and innovating in the development of nature-based solutions.”

We Are Losing Our Wildlife

The report repeatedly addresses the mess we have made. For example, cumulative human activity has resulted in widespread loss of natural habitat and biodiversity, with an average 68 percent decline in the abundance of wildlife and one in four species now facing extinction. That said, it also offers a pathway for Travel & Tourism to become nature positive. It sets out ways leaders can spark change in their own organizations and offers a roadmap with recommended actions.

In section five of the report there are four process phases suggested for Travel & Tourism stakeholders: Assess & Define; Reduce & Restore; Monitor & Report; and Collaborate & Communicate.

Following the steps to becoming nature positive will take a lot of discussion, planning, a budget, and measuring and monitoring. You may need the advice of a sustainability consultant to walk you through the process.

“Achieving Nature Positive Tourism goes beyond mitigation. Ensure your activities have an overall net benefit, and this means also identifying positive contributions such as opportunities to restore nature. This could be done through a well-designed and well-implemented philanthropic program, but restoration is often more impactful, and brings more benefits to the business, when actions are connected with business activities,” the report says.

Achieving nature positive tourism will require a long-term commitment. With as much turnover there is in our industry, your organization must make it part of your DNA and something that is passed on from one manager/owner to another. You must involve your employees, your guests, your suppliers—all who impact your organization’s environmental footprint.

Kudos to WTTC for prompting conversation around becoming “nature positive.” We are part of an industry whose business model is based on growth, growth, and more growth. We need to make our growth contingent on becoming nature positive.

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