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William Roam to Suspend Production of Single-Use Plastics for New Collections


INDIANAPOLIS—William Roam, creators of American-made personal care products for the hospitality market, is dedicated to keeping environmental commitments at the center of its brand identity by only developing dispenser or refillable systems for all new collection offerings.

“At the heart of our business there has always been a focus on the environment and philanthropy. We balance that focus with market demand, so as the market changes in our direction we are thrilled at being able to offer a more complete alignment with our core values,” says Ali Murphy, CEO of William Roam.

With the hospitality industry being responsible for roughly 440 billion pounds of solid waste every year, William Roam is committed to finding alternative solutions to single-use plastics within the hotel amenity market, as it is a clear contributor to the plastic packaging problem. The decision to move away from single-use bottles for future collections towards refillable and reusable packaging while ensuring aesthetically pleasing, high-performing personal care products is simply a further step for William Roam in its commitment to innovation and existing environmental priorities.

Currently, William Roam supports a variety of environmental commitments—sourcing 100 percent recycled paper cartons and soy-based inks, offsetting all manufacturing resources with wind-powered credits ensuring partnership in the EPA Green Power program, and making charitable contributions to American Forests, Sustainable Coastlines, Yellowstone-to-Yukon and other agencies that place environmental stewardship at the heart of their mission.