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Westin Teams with Jewelry Designer to Support Smoke-Free Living


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.—Westin Hotels & Resorts has teamed with celebrity jewelry designer Mauri Pioppo to create a talisman necklace in support of smoke-free living. The Renewal Talisman will raise awareness of the benefits of going smoke-free, especially for women and girls, and provide a tangible way for women to share their support for a smoke-free lifestyle with their loved ones.

Westin created the piece to celebrate its own commitment to breathing free, made in December 2005 when it announced it would become the first major hotel chain in North America to go smoke-free.

While women are embracing healthy trends in increasing numbers, dependence on cigarettes remains common for an alarming number of women and girls. The American Legacy Foundation works to raise awareness about the urgency of the crisis. Consider the following:

• In 2004, nearly one in five American women smoked.
• Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women.
• Twenty-two percent of high school girls are current smokers.
• The majority of female smokers want to quit smoking. Support from family and friends can improve a smoker’s odds of quitting up to 50 percent.
• Women rate the importance of support higher than men. Fifty-four percent of women who attempt to quit smoking rely on social support from friends and family.
• The Renewal Talisman spreads the message that women can help each other to live smoke-free by sharing their support for the cause and for each other.

Mauri Pioppo is a renowned jewelry designer, yoga instructor and former smoker whose pieces have been worn by some of the world’s most glamorous women, including Eva Longoria, Debra Messing and Sheryl Crow. Her latest creation, which will be available exclusively at Westin.com, supports the wearer’s commitment to personal renewal and to living smoke-free. As with its pioneering smoke-free decision, Westin’s motivation for creating the Renewal Talisman is to make the health of its associates and guests its top priority.

“The wonderful thing about the talisman is that it supports our Renewal platform and breathing free outside our hotels’ walls,” says Sue Brush, senior vice president at Westin. “I wear the talisman to show my support for the many women in my life who have quit smoking and are choosing a healthier life every day.”

The talisman consists of two discs crafted from sterling silver, engraved with the words ‘Breathe’ and ‘Free.’ The piece also incorporates quartz crystal and blue topaz, which promote energy and consciousness, respectively. Mauri also created a men’s version of the talisman, which replaces the silver chain with leather.

“My goal is to encourage people wearing the talisman to feel supported in their commitment to being at their personal bests,” Mauri says. “Breathing is at the center of many healthy practices, such as meditation, and is a natural expression of our life and health. I’ve quit smoking successfully myself. It is all about supporting yourself and incorporating mindful actions—rituals—into your life.”

Mauri has dedicated her art to giving back and kick-started the trend of “cause jewelry” with her love letters pieces in 2002. Her mission is to help people become more conscious of their power to effect positive change. All of the proceeds from the Renewal Talisman will benefit the American Legacy Foundation.