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WASTELINQ Launches Software for Optimizing Waste Management Practices


HOUSTON—Texas-based WASTELINQ, whose waste industry experts design innovative technology solutions to meet the needs of waste industry customers and service providers, announced the Q1 launch of its industry leading Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings this week. The technology startup, founded by experts with more than 70 years of combined experience managing waste brokerages and TSDFs, has created platforms that help waste generators and waste service providers capture the financial, operational, and environmental value of superior waste management strategy and practice.

Commenting on the announcement, Chief Financial Officer Ken Odom observed, “We know our solutions work because they’re the same solutions we used to build an industry-leading waste brokerage. Although we’re new to the software market, our software has been tested and refined over the course of nearly 15 years of intensive operations.” WASTELINQ’s founders find great value in sticking to their roots as waste service providers, noting that they are using technology to share the deep knowledge of best-in-class waste operations that was the core of their service business.

WASTELINQ’s announcement includes two products. WASTELINQ Generator allows waste generators to develop and maintain waste management plans and efficient operations by providing capabilities like waste characterization and profiling, inventory and shipping management, document archiving, and reporting. WASTELINQ Enterprise is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool designed specifically for TSDFs, brokers, transporters, and consultants. In addition to all the features needed to manage waste on behalf of a generator, Enterprise includes tools for managing customer data, order management and logistics, and accounting.

Both products, which had a soft launch to about 100 users in Q4 2018, will be on display at the TCEQ’s Environmental Trade Fair and Conference in Austin on May 14 and 15. Odom says the company looks forward to returning to the TCEQ show in a new capacity, and he thinks waste management professionals will be impressed. “We’ve been in their shoes, doing these jobs, so we know the day-to-day frustrations. We saw a need and a way to make things better, and that’s what these two software packages do.”