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Turk Hospitality Ventures Announces Launch of Biscayne Coffee


MIAMI—Hospitality industry expert Steve Turk, founder of Turk Hospitality Ventures and creator of The Hospitality Mentor Podcast, announces the launch of Biscayne Coffee. This newly developed eco-friendly coffee brand was founded with a giving spirit and a big idea: to enjoy delicious coffee roasted in Miami while helping save Biscayne Bay and the wildlife that inhabit it for future generations to enjoy. Ten percent of all Biscayne Coffee sales will be donated to the Biscayne Bay Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in South Florida, whose mission is to increase awareness of the health, safety, and sustainability of waterways on Biscayne Bay.

Biscayne Coffee features a variety of delicious hand-crafted, locally brewed, Fairtrade gourmet coffee, as well as coffee mugs, tumblers, and branded merch. Turk hopes the brand will help play an instrumental role in the support of clean water, marine eco-friendly sustainable initiatives, and long-term initiatives to help preserve Biscayne Bay for all to enjoy.

Biscayne Coffee’s product lineup includes:

  • Biscayne Blend Dark Roast: This is Biscayne Coffee’s signature blend originating from Indonesia, Central, and South America. This fully washed blend brings the complex, darker flavors a dark roast lover expects featuring hints of dark chocolate, raspberry, and sugar cane.
  • Biscayne Single Origin Colombia: The medium roast blend originates from farmers in the remote region of South of Huila. This fully washed and sun-dried blend is carefully selected with tasting notes that feature orange, caramel, and milk chocolate flavor.
  • Biscayne Blend Light Roast: A lightly roasted coffee blend with a citrusy, sweet, and complex aroma that offers flavors of Grapefruit, Apple, Caramel, and Roasted Hazelnuts.

Passionate about the preservation of Biscayne Bay and his hometown, Turk was witness to a life-changing experience at Biscayne Bay that inspired the creation of the coffee brand. “In the summer of 2020, a massive fish kill took place on the bay due to lack of oxygen in the water. Among the mass of dead fish, I found a dead manatee, while walking with my younger daughter and son along the bay. Angry and saddened by this experience, I thought there had to be something big I could do to help. The next morning as I was sipping my morning coffee and looking out at the bay the idea struck. Biscayne Coffee was born,” said Turk. “I want my children and all families to experience the magic of Biscayne Bay the way that I did. I hope this coffee inspires and brings awareness to help preserve Biscayne Bay for future generations to enjoy.”

Biscayne Coffee is already generating great interest from the local community. It is now the official coffee found in all 42 Tangy Management vacation rentals throughout the South Florida area. Additionally, Biscayne Coffee is the official sponsor of the “Good Morning Hospitality” podcast and the “Morning brew” newsletter.

Biscayne Coffee is available for purchase and is sold exclusively online at http://www.biscaynecoffee.com.